The old tower is falling, the new one is coming

The old tower is falling, the new one is coming

The zabelsteinturm, which has been closed for safety reasons since new year’s eve 2017/2018, will be demolished in the coming weeks. The technical relief organization (THW), gerolzhofen, has been commissioned by the district administration of schweinfurt to carry out this task for training purposes in return for reimbursement of the cost price.

The district office of schweinfurt asks for your understanding that the planned date, if it can be kept at all due to the weather, will not be disclosed to the public. The district office, the THW and the bavarian state forestry decided this for safety reasons because of possible onlookers. Furthermore, the responsible persons point out that the area around the tower will be closed off for safety reasons during the demolition work.

Too dangerous

Review: a review of the statics by external experts in 2017 had shown that the tower had significant deficiencies. Therefore, the lookout tower on the zabelstein has been closed to visitors for safety reasons since new year’s eve 2017/2018. In february 2019, the members of the district committee of the schweinfurt district council (the site is on the territory of the schweinfurt district) voted by a majority for the new construction of a tower similar to the current one. According to the resolution, the cost of the project is 475,000 euros.

The design for the new construction of the successor tower was prepared by planners johannes-ulrich blecke (warstein, architect) and michael maas (werl, structural engineer). With the new tower, the planning duo wanted to create another example of sustainable building. On the one hand, the already existing foundation, which is on the land of the free state of bavaria (forestry administration), shall continue to be used. In addition, the new tower is to be erected in hybrid construction, as a wood and steel structure, in contrast to the towers in the past, which were realized as a purely wooden structure. In particular, the staircase, which is subject to heavy loads, should be made of corrosion-resistant steel. The wood is to be processed only in those places where it is most suitable due to its material properties.

View from 18 meters high

The ground plan of the tower with a total height of 19.50 meters corresponds to a regular hexagon.

In order to increase the durability of the supports, they are provided with a back-ventilated wooden casing as a wear layer. From a height of 11.25 meters, the wooden supports are bent to the eaves, so that the hexagon extends to a side length of about four meters. This will create the necessary flatness for the viewing platform.

This is to be located at a height of 18 meters with about 20.50 square meters and allow its visitors again the distant view of the steigerwald foothills and in clear weather into the main valley, the habberge and the rhon.

The tower should be completed by the end of 2020

The design planning has been completed and the building application has been submitted. As soon as the building permit has been granted, the application for a permit will be submitted to the government of lower franconia via the lower nature conservation authority. The recipient of the grant is the nature park steigerwald, in accordance with the landscape conservation and nature park guidelines.

The commissioned the district of schweinfurt as a supporting member of the nature park association to rebuild the lookout tower on the zabelstein mountain. The new tower is to be completed by the end of 2020 at the latest.

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