The haag couple feels at home in zeil

The Haag couple feels at home in Zeil

Together, the married couple hildegard and adolf haag have experienced highs and mastered lows well, according to their own statement. Therefore they are glad that they could celebrate the feast of the iron wedding in good health.
The young couple met at the church consecration dance in podeldorf, the jubilarian's home parish, and were sealed 65 years ago at the altar. The family fortune was completed by two daughters and two sons. The couple now have seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren to look forward to.
"In 65 years of marriage we have experienced a lot and could write a novel", tells hildegard haag, born devil. The 83-year-old was born in bamberg and grew up in her home town of podeldorf. After leaving school, she worked as a domestic helper until she married. Until she retired, she worked for the city of bamberg as a cleaner for almost 24 years. Despite work, family always centered on husband and wife.
Adolf haag was born in bamberg and grew up in the cathedral city of bavaria. After leaving school, he learned the trade of painter and tuncher, which the 83-year-old continued until his retirement.
After both retired, they moved to zeil 20 years ago, where they bought their own house. Here they feel at home and go about their gardening together. Long-term planning is not an issue for the couple, but they will be happy to experience their graceful wedding in five years' time.
Deputy district administrator michael ziegler and zeil's mayor thomas stadelmann congratulated them on their anniversary. 

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