Many mountain bikers, but too few youth fubballers

Many mountain bikers, but too few youth fubballers

For the past year, natascha selner, ralph regus and johannes wirth have been the equal chairmen of the markt geroda sports club, which has 216 members. And the club is doing well, as could be seen at the annual general meeting.

Mayor alexander schneider was pleased with the work of the "well-functioning new board of directors" very satisfied. According to the annual report, there were again various work assignments at the airfield last year. The dressing room and guest room were renovated in the sports hall. Regus also spoke about the association's events such as the sports festival, midsummer bonfire and christmas market. It will probably not be boring, because as selner announced, work is planned again this year.

The sports club offers fubball, gymnastics, step-aerobics and zumba. The mountain bike department under the leadership of andreas schubert is very popular. He was able to report five new additions, so that the group consists of 26 children and two adults. Last year, in cooperation with the nature conservation union, they helped to clear the platzer kuppe of lupines.

However, things look less good for youth soccer. As department head manfred selner regretted, the geroda team has just three players in the U19 and U17 divisions. Currently there is "nothing at all" from U9 to U15. Providing for the next generation is something that must be tackled now.

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