Eating right in old age is important

Eating right in old age is important

"Eating and drinking are the three most important things in life, folk actor willy millowitsch is said to have said again and again. I’m sure many people agree with that. In the region, eating means more than just taking in food; it also stands for enjoyment and quality of life.
To prevent illness, you should eat right at any age. But as people get older, their bodies change, and so do their nutritional requirements. "You can’t say across the board what all seniors should eat", says nutritionist sibylle maier from forchheim. It depends on whether the person is healthy or suffers from illnesses.

When the teeth wobble

"Let’s start with the teeth. They wobble for some or the bite doesn’t fit. Then they can’t eat everything either", reports sibylle maier. She says that many older people suffer from reduced salivation, reduced hunger in old age, or motor impairments. Here it is necessary to pay additional attention to the consistency of the food or to take into account that it can only be taken with a spoon. In case of reduced saliva production, the affected persons can swallow less easily and the food does not taste so good.
"Then someone with diabetes has to eat differently than a healthy person. But the financial situation is also important, because maybe you want to eat better food, but you can’t afford it," says johannes harr, the nutritionist points out. Her practice often sees elderly people who want to lose weight or stay fit for as long as possible. In principle, sibylle maier recommends that seniors eat a lot of whole grain products because of their fiber, as well as potatoes, fruit, vegetables and salads. "Milk and dairy products provide calcium for the bones. And you should eat meat and fish once a week", she says. Fat, salt and sugar should be reduced in the diet.

The thirst subsides

"Thirst also decreases, but you should drink a lot and go out into the fresh air so that vitamin D can be formed", the nutritionist pays. Because vitamin D, as well as folic acid, calcium and iodine, are often deficient in old age," she says. Such faulty diets also occur in nursing homes, which is why she advises residents to pay attention to them.
"But seniors don’t need a generalized diet", says chef johannes harrer from heiligenstadt "but you don’t need as many calories as you did during your professional life." He goes on to say that today’s seniors eat much more healthily and consciously and also pay attention to good and regional products in the restaurant. "However, they can no longer eat so much, which is why we caterers offer senior portions.", tells the cook.
With him here is a discount of three euros, because the portion is smaller. But the preparation and serving takes the same amount of time as a normal portion. "Seniors also pay more attention to seasonal dishes. Fresh strawberries are desired in strawberry season and not in winter", female harrer.

Prefer fresh herbs

Often older diners prefer to order the dish without salt and roots themselves. "You have to be careful when it comes to sausages for seniors, because the taste is different in old age", says the chef. He himself prefers to work with fresh herbs. The elderly pay more attention to quality than to quantity in their restaurants. That’s why, for example, he makes savoy cabbage or red cabbage himself. "The guests want to have a varied and rich menu and often choose the dishes according to their own taste. But that’s not a problem", johannes harrer tells us from his practical experience.
And older people drink less with their meals, too. The cook reports that ladies tend to prefer still water, while the men order good wine. Older beer drinkers don’t enjoy the barley juice so cold either. "It’s trendy again to ask for the beer warmer", reports harrer. This is a hollow metal cylinder with a hook. The is filled with warm water and hung in the beer glass until the desired temperature is reached.

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