Coburg wants the home office

Coburg wants the home office

A "home ministry he wanted to create and settle in franconia, minister president horst seehofer had announced during the state parliament election campaign. No one knows yet whether this will be the case. But if coburg comes into question as a location, the city will "of course" get involved apply for it, says mayor norbert kastner (SPD).

He can also count on the support of district administrator michael busch (SPD), who may be on vacation at the moment, but is nevertheless following events in his home state. "The city and district of coburg have already made several joint applications for projects and settlements. Why shouldn't that also be the case with a new ministry for regional development and demography??", asks busch from his vacation. "An official application is already being prepared."

Not at any price
"When you think of relocating authorities, you should rightly think of upper franconia", stresses mayor kastner, and at the same time assumes that his colleagues in the other french cities see it the same way. "Everyone will throw their hat into the ring."

However, the city will not apply for every prize, says kastner: "we have to see what requirements are made." 5000 square meters in the city center are hard to find, kastner gave an example. Apart from that: "i also had nothing against minister-president seehofer locating the ministry of home affairs in munich and instead relocating the ministry of economics or finance to franconia."

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