Carnival parade 2019 in memmelsdorf secured

As the umbrella organization of memmelsdorf’s clubs, the local cultural association (OKR) is primarily known as the organizer of the carnival procession, which is known far beyond the borders of the bamberger region, and the subsequent "colorful hustle and bustle" in the seehof hall a concept. Due to the tightened security standards with increased responsibility of the board of directors for large events, the previous leadership of the association no longer saw itself in a position to organize the procession and informed its members – the associations of the large community of memmelsdorf – of this in a fire letter.

Because of the urgency, the clubs then requested an extraordinary meeting, in which first chairman harald tkaczuk and managing director raimund worner took the opportunity to present their view of things to the members present as well as numerous guests. The parallels to last year’s quarrels about the bamberg sandkerwa became obvious, according to the OKR press release: with more than 10,000 visitors, the carnival parade in memmelsdorf is one of the major events that require a special security concept and for the implementation of which the association’s management is particularly responsible. The executive board was no longer willing to shoulder this burden alone and therefore applied for the political community to be made responsible as a co-organizer.

But because they refused, it now came to a clash: despite sporadically heard understanding for the presented point of view, in a secret ballot the majority of the voting members prevailed with 25 to ten votes that the OKR has to carry out the carnival parade.

As a result, almost the entire executive committee, including the advisory board, resigned with immediate effect. Only the previous treasurer hans bialuch continued to be available in his previous position. The new elections that followed elevated swen christian hollmann (local restaurateur and MCC member) to the office of first chairman. He is supported by MCC board member florian nickoleit as second chairman and F board member thomas hoffmann as managing director.

The new chairman thanked the previous management of the association for the many years of successful work and, to the applause of those present, affirmed that he and his colleagues on the board and the advisory board would ensure the permanent continuation of the traditional event "memmelsdorfer faschingszug" (memmelsdorf carnival procession) ensure.

The other positions in the OKR were filled as follows: secretary: thomas muller, press officer: jurgen rittmeier, auditors: reinhard lamprecht and jurgen reinwald, advisors: thomas nickoleit, wolfgang brehm, dieter pflaum, erwin holschuh and matthias muller.

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